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Startup Q&A Business Clinic

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The Startup Q&A Business Clinic is a confidential 90 minute one to one meeting where entrepreneurs and those thinking of setting up a new business in Ireland can get answers.


Startup Q&A Business Clinic By Donncha Hughes


The aim of the Startup Q&A Business Clinic is to help you to make decisions. It will also help you to set priorities for your business.






Click Startup Q&A Business Clinic to download two page outline of how the Clinic works. If you buy online I will receive confirmation of payment via Paypal and will contact you within 24 hours to arrange our clinic session for a mutually convenient time and location – you have the option to avail of the clinic in person, over the phone or via skype.



Guide to self employment in Ireland by Donncha Hughes

Updated November 2013



I would also suggest that you read my Guide-to-Self-Employment-in-Ireland.pdf a Free guide to starting as a Self Employed Person in Ireland.