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All about Startup Digest Galway

Startup Digest Galway

Startup Digest Galway is new – it aims to feature all startup related events taking place in the Greater Galway and West of Ireland region. It is firstly a Google Calendar and secondly anyone can sign up to receive a weekly email listing the networking events for entrepreneurs. I have volunteered to curate Startup Digest Galway and I would appreciate your assistance in creating awareness – all startup related event organisors are invited to post their events to the Calendar (there is no charge). This post will answer a few questions that you may have about Startup Digest Galway and indeed about the Startup Digest.

Starting Point – Startup can be described as an events list created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.  The background of Startup Digest is very interesting as per this wiki – the Digest is active all over the world to include Galway, Cork, Limerick (curated by Shane McCarthy) and Dublin.


Startup DigestTo receive an email with list of events in your locality you will need to create an account on (very quick to do) and then subscribe to each City’s Digest.

startup disgest subscriptions

Introducing Startup Digest Galway

Startup Digest Galway is firstly a Google Calendar that lists all startup focused events taking place in the Greater Galway area … displayed in Agenda Format below.

Startup Digest Galway AgendaYou can also sign up to receive a weekly email (which I will keep very brief) with the list of upcoming events – it arrives in your email box first thing on Tuesday mornings.

Event Organisors – Startup Digest Galway

You can submit details of your event to feature in Startup Digest Galway here … it will take only two minutes. We only need summary details and a link to your event for further information. I check the Calendar regularly so your event will be approved and go live within 24 or 48 hours. It is never too early to post your event.

Call Dates + Featured Startups

The Digest will feature relevant opening and closing dates for Startup focused Competitions and Awards. Email either of the co-curators with details.

In each issue, a featured startup will be mentioned – a business doing something newsworthy or who would benefit from some awareness. Please email either of the co-curators with suggestions.

Link with Startup

Startup is fantastic. The website says ‘Startup Galway is an emerging initiative to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Galway, led by John Breslin, John Brosnan, Mic Fitzgerald and Barry O’Sullivan’. They are running a great event next Wednesday.

Startup Galway EventIn case there is any confusion, Startup Digest Galway is linked to Startup Galway but is a part of the global Startup Digest. [Startup Galway is associated with a national movement called Startup Ireland who arranged for me to be set up as the Curator of Startup Digest Galway]. So the Digest is part of both a global and a regional initiative.

My call to action – spread the word

Startup Digest Galway is new. We have 4 events posted in first week so I am delighted with the response to date. My request is that you please tell one other person interested in Startups about Startup Digest Galway and feel free to share on Social Media.


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