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I am delighted to announce that my latest online training programme, ‘Writing Your Business Plan’ is now live. To publish this online training was an early goal for 2020 as it was on my ‘to do list’ for a while as I regularly deliver one day workshops on preparing business plans for New Frontiers, IBYE and other startup programmes.

‘Writing Your Business Plan’ Online Programme

I am very happy with the programme as it is concise but comprehensive:

  • 2.5 hours of video to break down each section of the business plan.
  • Format for Writing the Executive Summary
  • A business plan template based on Business Cube by InterTrade Ireland
  • Template for 2 page Investor Brief
  • Advice on writing the document and crafting the message
  • An example business plan for a fictitious business called TLC Dog Grooming

Here is the 2 minute promotional video outlining what is addressed in the online programme.

Online Training Promo Video

Example Business Plan: TLC Dog Grooming

As I explain in Module 1 Introduction to the online programme ‘Writing your Business Plan’ there comes a point in time when writing a business plan is neccesary for a bank, investor or enterprise agency. But a major problem that people have is that while they can get lots of different templates and Guides to Writing Business Plans, it is most difficult to find a professionally written business plan that they can read to see how much detail goes into each section. For this programme I wrote a proper full business plan for a ficticious business called TLC Dog Grooming – download the Executive Summary below for free.

I had created a scenario for my ‘Creating Financial Projections for a Local Business’ online workshop. So I simply continued with the scenario and wrote a business plan to match. I picked mobile dog grooming as it is a business that I think most people will be able to understand. It also allowed me to use nice pictures of dogs! While the scenario is fictitious the business plan is as real as possible.

Q. How many dogs are there in Galway?
You would need to know that figure if you were setting up a dog grooming business?

Investor Ready Business Plans

This online programme is focused on startup promoters and small business owners who need to write business plans that will be persuasive to investors, banks and enterprise agencies. I have written business plans for clients and also delivered training to promoters who subsequently prepared business plans which have secured HPSU investment, won Seedcorn Competition Awards, IBYE and National Enterprise Awards and secured bank finance. The video lessons focus on passing on practical information and advice on how business plans are evaluated and the best process to prepare your business plan.

I hope that you enjoyed this blogpost and will check out the free preview of my online training (need to create a free thinkific account) and more detail on the landing for ‘Writing Your Business Plan’. I think it is great value for 12 months access.

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