My christmas message 2017 was inspired by the kids summer camp when they learned scratch – this is an admittedly limited attempt but I hope you take a few seconds and that it makes you smile!

This is a screenshot – click below to play

The flash scratch animation does not play on Mobile so I have recorded the screen using Screen Cast O Matic – video is 18 seconds.

The interactive flash animation definitely plays using Firefox if you enable Flash but not on Chrome or Internet Explorer. Here’s the link to the project on Scratch

Press the Green Flag to start.
You then have option to click on the Snowman with your mouse
Press the space bar!!
Simply refresh the browser (F5) when the animation is finished to reload.
Happy Christmas from Donncha Hughes (and my creative assistants)

To all my customers, the many startup entrepreneurs who allowed me to share their journey this year, collaborators in business, and the enterprise ecosystem stakeholders that I engage with on an ongoing basis across Ireland, I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Best regards


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