Donncha is hugely experienced and provides practical guidance using training, mentoring, tools and resources to help startups and small business owners to design and deliver a strategy for their business. The process works!


Startup and small business promoters can feel overwhelmed as they lack the resources such as time and expertise to create and execute the best plan

Lack of Time

There is a huge list of things to manage in the business from operations to administration and marketing so finding the time ...

Not an expert in business

... from finance, operations, marketing and sales, and staff management, Health & Safety, Compliance

Have not done this before

Particularly applying for Grants, writing a business plan and creating financial projections for the Bank or responding to Tender requests.


Service provider to startups, small business owners, third level spin outs and on behalf of the Enterprise Agencies

Clients include: Enterprise Ireland, LEOs, InterTrade Ireland, Institutes of Technology and Universities, startup promoters and growth oriented startups.

My portfolio of services is presented in the navigation menu under the headings of Group Training; One to One Support; and Independent Evaluation.

Contact me to discuss your training, mentoring or consultancy requirements in the areas of Market Validation, Business Model Generation, Starting a Business in Ireland, Goal Setting, Lean Canvas, Sales, Negotiations, Marketing, Business Plans, Financial Projections and/or grant applications.

Consulting & Mentoring Services

Document Preparation

Business Plans & Tender Submissions
Business Plans & Tender Submissions

Write (or review) investor ready (HPSU) business plans and financial projections, grant applications to Leader, Enterprise Ireland and LEO, procurement tender submissions, sales proposals and pitches, and Investor Briefs.

One to One Mentoring

Enterprise Agency Mentor + Private Consultancy on Business Planning
Enterprise Ireland and LEO Mentor

Engage on behalf of Enterprise Agencies with small business and startup promoters to identify key business priorities across Strategy, marketing, sales, finance, funding and building a team (and business plans & pitches)

Business Advisory

Image for Business Growth
Decision Making to Scale your Business

Use of business tools such as financial projections Templates, Lean Canvas, Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas, One Page marketing plan, Goal Setting Worksheets and One Page Strategy Canvas.

Business Plan Write Up Case Study

Download Donncha's 20 page business plan preparation case study

Download (758 KB)

One Page Marketing Plan

Download Donncha's editable One Page Marketing Plan

Download (30 KB)

Video based online Training

On demand training programmes on Pitching, Competitive Start Fund, Financial Projections, New Frontiers Phase 2 application and Writing a Business Plan.

What is my Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Why choose to work with Donncha?


I am an expert on all things startup. I have delivered training to, mentored and worked with hundreds of startups in Ireland over the last ten years. I have experience of almost every sector and industry.

As an independent and self employed consultant, I love learning. This includes reading books and blogs and from direct contact with clients. My areas of expertise now span all areas of startup. I have a working knowledge of almost everything and specific and expert knowledge of most commercial and business development areas. This is reflected in my creation of The Startup Business Planning Jigsaw in 2015 - blogpost all about that here!

The Startup Business Planning Jigsaw
Donncha created the 'Startup Business Planning Jigsaw' to put into neat order a range of concepts, tools, books and other lean startup resources to guide early stage entrepreneurs on their journey from concept to market launch


I like to share my experience and expertise with clients. I have recently realised (a client told me) that my forte is Strategy. This is looking at new scenarios where decisions need to be taken and providing options and a sounding board so that the promoter can chart a course of action knowing all they need to know.


The other element of my character is that I am an organisor. I like to get things done efficiently. From a delivery perspective, I feel that I am a good communicator both as a trainer and a deliverer of training. A big part of this is the ability to listen and understand the perspective of the other party. I like to get involved – to get stuck in.

WordPress Training for Small Business

Group Workshops and One to One Tuition

My other website Startup Web has been created to promote my training in the areas of Website creation.

I deliver WordPress training for small groups of business owners on behalf of the Enterprise Agencies and business networks.

I also offer one to one instruction to a small number of businesses each year on managing their WordPress sites -  address content marketing, social media, blogs and for business communication {as opposed to full web design to include eCommerce solutions - I know several providers who specialise in those areas}.

Contact me to discuss how I can assist your business. I am based in Galway and work with clients across Ireland to include Kerry, Tipperary, Mayo, Donegal, Waterford and Limerick.