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I was delighted to attend the recent unveiling of the Colm Feeney MBA Scholarship at the University of Galway. The launch was a genuinely lovely evening with friends, neighbours and colleagues in business sharing their stories of Colm’s contributions to business, community and family life.

Launch event for Colm Feeney MBA Scholarship in University of Galway in February 2024-

I served with Colm on the Advisory Board of Bizmentors for several years and he was always in great form when we met. A strategic thinker, he was hugely committed to the enduring SCCUL mentors concept of helping startups and small business owners in Galway through mentorship. It is fitting that applicants working in organisations with fewer than 100 employees will be given priority in selecting the Colm Feeney MBA Scholarship awardee.

University of Galway MBA

The University of Galway MBA has a superb informative website detailing the two year part time Masters of Business Administration (MBA). I really like their promise to participants to ‘Become the Leader You Aspire To Be’.

The brochure explains that the MBA has three integrated learning experience pillars: Transformational Leadership; Business for Society; and Creative Edge. These are complemented by a broader MBA curriculum which includes team empowerment, business negotiations, lean principles, multi-cultural appreciation, decision analytics, the digital enterprise and strategic management and the core functional areas of accounting, finance, management, and marketing.

Key features of University of Galway MBA
Key features of University of Galway MBA

Students are provided with a global perspective on leadership as they complete a week-long International Leadership programme with Fordham University in New York City.

Excellent Graduate Career Prospects

The testimonials for the MBA featured on the University of Galway websites are very positive. I know two graduates of the programme who speak very highly of their learning experiences. First is Ciara Greaney who I met as a participant on New Frontiers in Galway as she commenced her startup journey.

Testimonial for MBA from Ciara Greaney, White Spire

I know Michael Smyth for many years from the Bizmentors Advisory Board. He spoke eloquently and from the heart at the Scholarship launch event about both the MBA and his memories of Colm Feeney who was a great help to him during his time as Chief Executive Officer of SCCUL Enterprises.

Michael Smyth COPE Galway LinkedIn

The Colm Feeney MBA Scholarship

The Colm Feeney Scholarship will support one high-calibre applicant with a scholarship to join the MBA programme at the University’s J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics each September over the next 4 years.

Please email for more information.

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