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I was delighted to launch my first online training programme in 2018 and I equally delighted to say that I have updated the programme to reflect changes made by Enterprise Ireland in 2022. The first two videos of the programme had been replaced in February 2021. The CSF Masterclass is a 90-minute video-based programme for people applying for CSF – €50,000 Competitive Start Fund investment with Enterprise Ireland. It is ideal for startup entrepreneurs who have applied before and were not shortlisted for the Pitch Stage on the basis of deficiencies in the application form.

The second big update has been published in March 2022. The pre-recorded video section was removed by Enterprise Ireland. I have removed that module and added a note to the programme to acknowledge the change. The questions are now asked in written format in the Business Model section.

The other big change since my programme was published is that the Pitch stage is now gone online. EI use Teams. What the panel is looking for has not changed but it is a significant change to the process. So I have added a video to Module 4 that addresses the Pitch stage. A video interview has been added with a startup promoter who shares his experiences of securing CSF investment at the end of 2021. In this 23 minute video, John explains the timeline involved, the process to include questions he was asked at the Pitch stage, and how he and the team prepared for the Stage 2 evaluation. 

The interview with Donncha was recorded via Zoom in March 2022 providing a great update since EI went online with Stage 2 of its evaluation. John had just finished New Frontiers Phase 2 in IT Carlow at the time of the interview. 

Here is the 2-minute promo video…

In recent years, I have written 2 blogposts on applying for the Competitive Start Fund so this was a natural choice for my first online training programme (Cost €50 – create free account to see free preview of the programme).

Check Enterprise Ireland website for latest news on Calls

Competitive Start Fund (CSF) Online Masterclass

The online training programme comprises 8 modules across four sections with a total of 90 minutes of video plus other download resources. When you click on the button above you will be brought to my Thinkific powered online training programme website. You will have to create an account by providing your email – but you can check out some of the content for free before purchase to include the Zoom interview with John regarding the Pitch stage! Below is the introductory video (8 minutes) – this additional free preview includes the Module 1 video discussing the CSF Evaluation Process.

I do hope that you check out this online training and my blogposts about Competitive Start Fund (CSF) and/or pass on this link to startup entrepreneurs applying for CSF.

Comments and social shares welcome.


donncha (@donnchadhh)

p.s Comments in the Online Training are those of the author and don’t necessarily reflect those of Enterprise Ireland – Donncha is an independent online Trainer and Business Advisor.

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