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I recently wrote two blog post articles for with advice for startup promoters in terms of completing their application for Enterprise Ireland’s CSF. This short article outlines the key themes addressed by each post.

What is the Competitive Start Fund?

The Competitive Start Fund (CSF) is undoubtedly a significant component of Enterprise Ireland’s suite of financial supports for early-stage startups as per this Slideshare from which the image below is sourced.

EI Financial Supports
Source: Slideshare Donnchadh Cullinan, Enterprise Ireland for Waterford Startup Gathering

Disclaimer: Ideas and advice in both articles are those of the author and don’t necessarily reflect those of Enterprise Ireland. 

Article 1: What Enterprise Ireland is looking for in a Competitive Start Fund (CSF) Application

This post was written for applicants who are actively looking for pointers on how to complete the CSF application – it provides 12 tips garnered from experience of reading over 200 applications. The post aimed to answer the question, ‘Does this application fully reflect the potential of my business?’  It also provided some background information on CSF to include useful links provided by Enterprise Ireland.

Article 2: Creating a Winning Video Pitch for Stage 1 CSF Application for Enterprise Ireland

The follow up post focused on one critical aspect of the Stage 1 application for Competitive Start Fund – the video pitch which is worth 25% of the available marks. It contains nine points to consider when completing the video to again communicate the potential and value of the business you are pitching.

Both articles were well received on and shared on Social Media. I hope they continue to be of benefit – I believe that I have a good insight in this area and am happy to share my thoughts.

CSF Workshops

I have delivered several workshops on the Competitive Start Fund- here is a promo video for one of the events which was hosted by Bizmentors in SCCUL Enterprise Centre, Galway.

CSF Online Training Workshop

The Competitive Start Fund online training programme comprises 8 modules across four sections with a total of 90 minutes of video plus other download resources. When you click on the button above you will be brought to my Thinkific powered online training programme website – to learn more about the online workshop. You will have to create a free account by providing your email so that you can check out some of the programme content for free before purchase!

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