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Resources : Four Business Downloads from Donncha Hughes

This page provides links to download four documents created by Donncha Hughes:

1. Guide To Self Employment in Ireland (2013)


The following steps are worth considering by anyone thinking of setting up their own business.


1. Claim your tax back from Revenue.

2. Apply to Social Welfare for Short Term Enterprise Allowance.

3. Register as a Sole Trader with Revenue.

4. Register a Business Name

5. Secure your website URL and get a professional email address.

6. Prepare a business plan.

7. Attend a Start Your Own Business Programme.

8. Select an accountant.

9. Open a Business Bank Account.

10. Undertake self-assessment.

11. Get Started.


Download the Guide to Self Employment in Ireland – Updated 2013





2. One Page Marketing Plan


Check out my blogpost which details the 7 elements of the One Page Marketing Plan. The Slideshare ‘Startup Marketing in a Nutshell’ is embedded in the post.


Download a template for a One Page Marketing Plan



3. Business Plan Write-Up Case Study


The Case Study details how Business Advisor, Donncha Hughes worked with a real client to prepare a business plan. It details the project management process along with a detailed overview of the methodology used in preparing both the business plan document and the financial projections.


Download the Business Plan Write Up Case Study – 19 Pages

More detail provided in the blogpost about the Case Study.


4. Startup Goal Setting Worksheet

I provide training on Goal Setting. Goals should follow the SMART format – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timebound. I use my Goal Setting Worksheet to illustrate how to clearly articulate goals using a SMART format. The template has areas to record who goal is assigned to, and deadlines for meeting them. The first key step is establishing the desired end result.


Goals Setting Worksheet


Bonus download

5. Editable Business Model Canvas


Defining your business model is a critical activity for every business. I provide training on the Business Model Canvas. I have created an Editable Word document to allow you to complete your canvas.


Editable Business Model Canvas (MS word)

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