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I am delighted to announce that I have published an online training programme called ‘Creating Financial Projections for a Local Business‘. One year access is €50 including VAT.

This ONE HOUR online programme is for you if:

You a startup promoter or small business owner who needs to create financial projections for your business to apply for a loan to a bank? Or you need projections to apply for financial support from the Local Enterprise Office or Leader.

Creating Financial Projections for your local Business
Online Training Programme by Donncha Hughes

The Online Workshop Approach

The online workshop takes a step by step approach to creating Financial Projections. A case scenario called TLC Mobile Dog Grooming is used to illustrate the steps involved. An Excel template is provided for download with all the formulas embedded.

Financial Projections for TLC

The Introductory Module presents details of the fictitious TLC Mobile Dog Grooming business to include assumptions relating to activity that will allow us to calculate Turnover. It also presents the assumed costs of the business.  The promoter needs to buy a Van and fit it out. So he needs a loan from the bank.

Module Two provides a quick overview or introduction to Accountancy to set the scene. This quickly (12 minutes) explains Cashflow, P&L and Balance Sheet. I am not an accountant but i do a lot of projections. BTW, here is the P&L that is produced for TLC by the end of the workshop.

Example Profit and Loss (P&L)

Module 3 and 4 work through the Excel template to create the Cashflow forecast for 3 years, P&L for 3 years and the 3 year Balance Sheet. The smart excel template does a lot of the work as it automatically copies figures from one sheet to the next. So you don’t actually put any figures into the Balance Sheet …… but you do need to double check that it balances. BTW, here is the Balance Sheet that is produced for TLC by the end of the workshop.

Example Balance Sheet Ireland
click to enlarge

This is a relatively simple and hopefully understandable example but the process outlined here is sufficiently advanced that once completed you will be able to use the Template and what you have learned along with figures for your own business to create straightforward financial projections for your local business.

I think that creating robust financial projections is of fundamental importance to startups. It helps firstly to determine the viability of the business and whether you should proceed. It secondly presents the value of the business and highlights funding required and the return achievable. I delivered training workshops on Financial Projections for several New Frontiers programmes and appreciate the difficulty that startups have with projections. I hope this online programme solves a problem for you and provides good value.

Donncha Hughes, Business Advisor


Module 3 (of the 5 modules) is available as part of the Free Trial – here is an extract.

The full module is 11 minutes and is available as part of the free preview – create a free thinkific account to access the full Free preview of this programme.

Best wishes

Donncha (@donnchadhh)

p.s See my earlier blogpost on how to make your business plan look professional which explains how to copy financial projections from Excel into MS Word.

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