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I recently signed up for a free library account with the County Library run by Galway County Council and was delighted to sign up for a free service from BorrowBox so that I could read Business eBooks for free on a 21 day loan system. I like reading business books but it is unfortunate that they then sit on the shelf or on your digital device rarely to be looked at again. I also like listening to podcasts but had never listened to an Audiobook – these are free also on BorrowBox so I took the opportunity to listen to This is Marketing by Seth Godin.

Audiobooks and eBooks on all your devices

I downloaded the BorrowBox app to my Samsung S9 and also to my iPad and to the desktop on my laptop. The reading experience on the iPad was great as expected but i was pleasantly surprised with how well I could read my eBooks on my android phone. Well done BorrowBox and Samsung.

Reading & Listen to List

There is a somewhat limited range of books in the startup and business sections but at the same time, I found a few books that were on my maybe read list that I now plan to read. You can also try any other book that takes your fancy as you can download 5 eBooks and 5 audiobooks at a time – click a button to return them from your device.

Donncha's reading list on BorrowBox
Donncha’s reading and listen to list on BorrowBox – July 2021

I keep an up to date list of my Recommended Reads on Goodreads.

This is Marketing by Seth Godin

I have read a number of Seth Godin’s books including The Dip. I listened to the Audiobook, This is Marketing, read by Seth over the space of a week – it is 7 hours and it is brilliant. But personally, I think I will still read the book, as I still prefer the print edition experience as that is how I am used to learning and absorbing information. But this is a very handy (and free) way to benefit from the book.

This is Marketing on BorrowBox

So thanks to Galway County Council and Galway Library for providing this service. It is much appreciated. BTW, they also have a PressReader service where you can read newspapers for free and there is online training also available. I intend to visit Ballybane library again in the very near future to see what business, startup and management books are on the shelves.

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