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Today, I made a modest financial contribution as part of a Crowdfunding campaign to MediStori and I would ask everyone who reads this to seriously consider supporting this campaign – by making a contribution directly or telling someone else who would benefit from the product. The promoter is looking to raise €50,000 in the next two months (to end May 2014) so that she can launch her product (development already paid for!).


Indiegogo MediStori


The MediStori


The MediStori is a fantastic product for anyone suffering from Chronic Illnesses and for people who care for someone who has to take lots of medicines and wants to accurately, easily and quickly record their medications, and appointments – to have at all times an accurate medical record for the whole family which they can show at any time to their medical professionals.There are lots of benefits to using this product which are fully detailed on the MediStori website.




Watch the video to see how this works and yes it is Paper based and not some newfangled technology app …


About Olive


I know the promoter, Olive O’Connor, for more than a year and am hugely impressed with what she has done to bring this project to where it is now. Every organisation and person involved in patient care thinks this product is the solution that ‘we’ have been waiting for … and think it will make a massive difference to individuals and to the health system.


Olive also has a touching personal story which explains the genesis of this product – in short the whole family are ‘battlers’.


What you can do next?


1. Email Olive for more information or if you have any questions

2. Follow Olive on Twitter and MediStori on Facebook

3. Look at the Perks available on the Crowdsourcing campaign page

4. You decide … thanks for reading and for taking the time so far….




This was the first time that I have contributed to a Crowdfunding campaign. It is a great model – Olive basically needs 1,000 people to give her business €50 each over the next 2 months in return for her product so that the business can be launched. I wish Olive all the best with the MediStori product launch which is going to be hugely successful.

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