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Organise GMIT New Frontiers One 2 Ones with Phase 1 Participants

As part of the New Frontiers Phase 1 programme in GMIT iHubs, Donncha will meet participants for a One 2 One session to review their draft applications prior to final application on May 17th, 2018

One to One Schedule GMIT New Frontiers Phase 1

The One 2 One Timeline

All participants who wish to avail of a slot are required to send a Lean Canvas and a draft of their completed application form to Donncha at least 48 hours in advance of the selected One 2 One slot.

Poll is now Closed

Please read the rest of the blog article before clicking on the Doodle button.

To ‘check session availability’ of GMIT New Frontiers Phase 1 One 2 One:

  1. Click on button below to open up the Doodle Poll – click on the time and date you want to attend. Please note this time for your own records and diary – it is now confirmed. All that is required is your name – type into box which says ENTER YOUR NAME* – you don’t need to set up an account. [You can only select to vote or book one slot]
  2. Please provide your email address by leaving a message on the system or email Donncha directly.
Image of the Doodle Availability Poll

Image of the Doodle Availability Poll

* In some browsers my name may be in the ENTER YOUR NAME box, so please replace with your own name. You have to press SEND twice, once to book the slot and again to send me a message. You wont get an email confirmation from the Doodle system – because this doesn’t require an email address to book. In the image above, it shows that the first two slots on Friday 4th are already booked – you will only be allowed select an available slot. It is a ‘first come first served’ basis but I will unbook and cancel slots if I dont get the required documentation in advance.

Available Times & Dates (4)

The time allocated is 40 minutes -the start times are staggered by 45 minutes. The four dates in May are as follows to provide every opportunity to participants in terms of a flexible schedule:

  • Friday 4th May – from 10 AM
  • Tueday 8th May – Evening from 6pm to 9pm
  • Saturday 12th May – from 10 AM
  • Monday 14th May – from 10 AM

The venue is iHubs Boardroom in GMIT. This is on the top floor.

iHubs GMITDetails of parking will be sent to all participants in advance of the One to One session.

Remember to send me a message with your email address because I won’t be able to contact you otherwise.

Format for the One 2 One

Donncha will send feedback on your draft application by email in advance of the meeting. The one 2 one is then to discuss the feedback particularly how the application can be strengthened. Team members particularly all co-founders are encouraged to attend.

The key question is whether the application represents the full potential of the business concept.


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