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Startup Questions Answered by Donncha

Startup Questions Answered by Donncha Hughes

This page will provide answers to reader questions about Starting up in Ireland particularly those arising from my Guide to Self Employment 2017.

Tags: VAT, Revenue, Grants, Accountancy, New Business, Sole Trader v’s Company, marketing, mentoring, Insurance.

All answers are given on a general basis relating to the information provided by way of assistance and guidance. Further professional or legal guidance may also be required.

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  1. Claire M. says:

    Hi Donncha,

    I came across your website and hope you may be able to help or advise me with my venture.

    I work full time and pay tax as normal through PAYE. I have recently qualified as a yoga teacher and will need to register as a sole trader or set up as a small business, I am not sure which.

    I have tax credits etc for myself and as a single parent, and the last thing I want is to be crucified by tax as I am not going to be coining it in as a yoga instructor teaching 3 classes a week on top of a full time job, obviously I will need to get something set up but I just don’t know where to start?

    I have checked out Citizens Advice and am thinking of approaching the revenue for advice on what to do next but the jargon just leaves me slightly confused.

    Would you have any advice on where to start? Would I be better off just sitting down and talking with a financial or business adviser?



    • Hello Claire

      Thanks for your comment.

      If you have a full time job you just have to declare additional income via a self assessment tax return via PAYE anytime before each relevant tax return deadline. You don’t necessarily have to register as a sole trader in your case.

      However, you do have the option to register as a Sole Trader. After you register, contact Revenue to link your PAYE employment to your new sole trade citing your PPS number. Then when you do your tax return through ROS, your payment details for the ‘day job’ will be on the ROS system already. Registering as a Sole Trader is probably advised if you do intend to trade under a different name to your own, and if over the longer term you hope to concentrate on the Yoga business.

      I would suggest a start your own business course with your local LEO.

      Plus check out or as mentioned in Point #18 of the Guide.

      Best of luck


  2. Hello Donncha

    Its me (Donncha). Remind me, how do I tell Revenue how much I need to pay in Preliminary Tax. I know that I pay it online with online banking (either BOI or AIB) or in branch with other banks. As you know I completed my Tax Return (form 11) via ROS earlier in the year. As the Self Assessment deadline is approaching (ROS deadline of 10th November extended from end October)I want a reminder on where to go within ROS to let Revenue know how much preliminary tax I will be paying. I don’t think that I have to reopen my 2016 tax return and the 2017 one is not available yet. I know I did this last year so just a reminder would be great.


    • Hello Donncha – great way to remind myself of what to do this time next year. Yes, it is a little tricky to figure this out (because you don’t do it every day). When you log into ROS, on the first screen there is a section for Tax Payments. You are looking to make a DECLARATION – that is where you will find Preliminary Tax for the current year. Hope this helps. Regards. Admin

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