Startup Questions Answered by Donncha Hughes

This page will provide answers to reader questions about Starting up in Ireland, particularly those arising from my Guide to Self-Employment in Ireland 2023

Tags: VAT, Revenue, Grants, Accountancy, New Business, Sole Trader v’s Company, marketing, mentoring, Insurance.

All answers are given on a general basis relating to the information provided by way of assistance and guidance. Further professional or legal guidance may also be required.

1. How do you get registered as a mentor or trainer with the Local Enterprise Office (LEO)

Each LEO will issue a request for tender (RFQ) on eTenders each year seeking qualified and experienced mentors and trainers.

2. Do you recommend the New Frontiers Programme to startups?

3. I am a Secondary School Teacher. What advice would you give me as I am looking to set up a coaching business?

4. I am a Lorry Driver. What advice would you give me as I am thinking of going out on my own?

5. I would like to set up a Tour business in a West of Ireland tourist location (where I live). I love boats – will this be a good business?

6. I have a small growing business. How do we get good employees who will be a real asset to the business? Actually, how can I attract a co-founder?

7. We are very interested in examining new products and R&D but we don’t have the resources to devote to it, what supports are available?

8. What do I have to do to get HPSU investment from Enterprise Ireland?