I use Dropbox every single day. Dropbox is described as a free* service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. The key for me is that Dropbox sits on the desktop of my laptop. I save files in the normal way into folders as I work on them. The files are then automatically updated for anyone who I have shared that particular folder with. Lots of people ask me about the service and I am happy to recommend it. This post explains why:


You can download Dropbox in a small number of easy steps. The home screen allows to either download the application or watch a animated video about the service. Isn’t that all you would want to do.


Free backup


The free service is 2GB – this would be equal to the hard drive of lots of new laptops. Dropbox gets new customers when their existing customers invite friends and colleagues – the incentive is additional storage space up to a total of 18MB. So all my files are backed up automatically. Last year my laptop had to be wiped when i did something stupid with the battery. Thanks to Dropbox all my files were available when my laptop was restored to life.

Files are synced on all devices


I use my iPad more and more for business use. All my files are synced to my Samsung Android Phone, my iPad 2 and my laptop.

Sharing lots of files with clients


I have lots of clients. I save all the files relating to each client in one folder perhaps with subfolders. It does not take long to create lots of files. By sharing a folder (very easy to do) you can ensure that the client has all the files that you have created. This shows how busy I have been. And thanks to Dropbox I don’t have to email them. On the Accelerate Programme all participants can view the training workshop presentations in pdf on a shared Dropbox folder.


You can also share very large files which are too big for email easily and securely. Last week we were working on a YouTube video. We used the shareable link on Dropbox to let someone see the draft video before it was published.

* So Dropbox is excellent. You may wonder how does the company make money. For people who have lots of files they will need more than 2 or 8 GB. The Pro 50 account provides 50 GB for $9.99 a month. That is great value. I may be signing up for that soon. But in meantime if I invite you to join Dropbox please accept.


I hope you enjoyed this post.


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